About us

Levo was Founded in 2020 by a Food delivery man Who, after a few years of hard work and Dedication to serving each customer with excellence and quality, I had a great pleasure to meet in my neighborhood and others Towns surround. During these years of providing services analyzing and visualizing some needs, failures and poor quality in customer service by various companies, Whenever I went through difficult situations When I was working, I put myself in the customers Shoes and felt badly treated in places that I was going to take orders to deliver I thought to myself there is something I can do to improve this. Since then, I was interested in starting to act, but I did not have financial conditions, so it would be a very difficult way to start building a company that would meet all the existing needs, but I decided to start anyway and gradually go into the market as long as I have sure that all clients who come to us are served with quality and equality. So today I am delighted to announce that we are starting our activities and we want to thank everyone for the preference and trust.